We have access to certain types of equipment due to our lines of work. For users of professional audio equipment, we can supply anything carried by Soundcraft Canadaincluding Soundcraft (tm) Mixers JBL (tm) Professional Products CROWN (tm) Audio Amplifiers DBX (tm) Audio Processing Equipment (have a look at their "Driverack" (tm) website) as well as products from BSS Audio (tm) (audio processing and DSP systems) and LEXICON (tm) (effectors and OMEGA Desktop Studio).

We use, sell, and recommend audio - technica (tm) products (microphones and cordless microphones) because we know they are top - quality products used by some of the biggest and best in audio and performance systems. Their wired and wireless microphones are truly professional - grade products and well worth a try.

We purchase some products in the U.S. and can import these to Canada or ship them within the U.S. A list of these U.S. - originated products will be posted soon!