Watch this site for information on batteries and desulfation, lighting, energy saving, control and automation, audio, video, and electrical and electronic technology tips and information, electronic pest control, health hazards related to pest birds and animals, and other related subjects. We understand many different technologies and will try to make these pages interesting and helpful for others.

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Novatek provides service for systems and equipment and solves persistent or unusual technical problems for commercial / industrial customers. Most of our business is in control and automation, but we have a broad understanding of many types of equipment and machinery. We are also good with video and audio systems (public address, wireless microphones, etc.) and can understand just about anything that has wires in it or uses electricity in any way. We are also very good with communications technology and audio/video/data wiring systems. If you need information or help with anything like that, try us!

Right now, we are doing work on lighting and audio systems and equipment, maintaining, designing and installing automation systems, servicing electronics on all types of equipment, repairing and replacing battery powered systems of all types, and occasionally repairing control systems used in farming and horticulture as well as building control systems in general.

We don't service consumer equipment (t.v., vcr, stereo, appliances, telephones, toys, etc.) as there are lots of places that do that already, and we're really not set up for it. We do like to hear from professional and commercial users of electrical or electronic equipment who have problems that no one can seem to solve.

We sell professional grade audio equipment and install it or help the user with selection and use. If you want professional - quality equipment and systems, look at our Audio Equipment page. For low - cost stuff, you could always go to a music store.

We don't get into competitive bidding. If you want someone to "quote" on a job or a product, we feel that should be done by people who are good at writing quotations. We like to stick to doing the things we feel we can do well and selling equipment we know is good, and we never charge for work on problems we can't solve.

We are not electricians or electrical contractors . . . . there are lots of them in business already! But since they provide the systems that we must use to power the stuff we work on, we have to understand what they do, too, and sometimes work with them to solve problems for our clients. They are good at providing power, we like to think we are good at using that power to do all of those things that we want or need to do.

As this site grows, we anticipate using the space to provide information, services, and products to people who need them to make their businesses more efficient and profitable or to enrich and enhance their lives through better understanding and use of technology and information.

As time goes by, you may find a lot of interesting information popping up here! If you have suggestions or questions,

Our 'phone number is 705-949-6682 (949-NOVA)